Brazilian Hair Straightening

Keratin treatments are the most versatile, commitment-free, damage-free way to relax unruly waves and remove frizz. Lasio offers the simplest, most effective products on the market. Their treatments are residue-free & lightweight

*It is safe to color/highlight & apply this treatment all in 1 day.
*It is safe to apply over any realxer/straightener.
*On previously processed hair, this treatment will last 4 to 5 months.
*On virgin hair, it will lat 2 to 3 months. IF YOU FOLLOW THE ABOVE DIRECTIONS.
*It will not leave your hair PIN STRAIGHT. Your have will have natural movement & volume.

Do's and Don'ts


*Wash hair 24 hours after treatment has been done.
*Wash hair with SODIUM CHLORIDE FREE shampoo and conditioner.
*The less you wash your hair the longer this treatment will stay in the cortex of your hair, allowing the treatment to have lasting effects.


*Pin your hair before washing it after 24 hours.
*Use accessories, such as ponytails, hair clips, hats and pinning hair behind ears in the first 24 hours.
*Apply any oil based products for 24 hours after treatment.
*If your hair was accidently wet before 24 hours, BLOW DRY & FLAT IRON IMMEDIATELY.